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The Cohesive Quotient provides transformative operational management and support for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations providing humanitarian services to their communities.

Leadership for nonprofit frontline staff and creates space for organizational growth, empowerment for creative teamwork, and development of program efficiencies, ensuring the most effective delivery of services to the community you are here to help.



causing people to be closely united

Services that enhance the leadership team and streamline operations:


Oversight of frontline mission-related acctivities

Strategic planning support and guidance

Staff development and coaching

Operational reporting for grants, boarding meetings, and program evaluation

Creation and implementation of efficient processes and practices

Conflict and dispute resolution


On Demand Operational Support Services

Designed to support staff with guidance in navigating an issue or unusual situations.

Supplemental Operations Support Services

Treated as a contracted member of the staff, this service will have clear responsibilities to support operational activities.

Staff Development and Coaching Services

TCQ will provide training and mentorship for frontline staff and operations leaders.

Conflict Resolution

TCQ will provide a strategic and formal process for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a dispute.



the magnitude of a specific
characteristic or quality


When you hire TCQ, your nonprofit will enjoy:

Director level expertise in nonprofit management

Learn communication on all TCQ activities

Consistent and objective leadership in step with Board and Executive management priorities

No overhead, benefits package, or other employee related expenditures

Timely and detailed program reporting with professional presentation

Support when you need it most


Meet the CEO and Founder of the Cohesive Quotient. With over 24 years of nonprofit experience, Taura has the experience to offer support to your frontline staff.

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