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Currently, nonprofit consulting services provide support for executive level staff, board development, and fundraising activities. Services for frontline mission-related support is not available for small to medium nonprofit organizations at this time. The Cohesive Quotient creates efficiencies and develop competent frontline leaders that directly impact mission service delivery. 


Creating cohesion between departments will provide coordinated messaging, priorities, and initiatives for the nonprofit organization.  The cohesive quotient is the difference between a high functioning organization and a fractured, ineffective nonprofit. Good intentions are not enough.


On Demand Operational Support Solutions

On demand services are available in real time via phone, virtual meetings, text/chat, or email.


Designed to support staff with guidance in navigating an issue or unusual situations, and to provide feedback for reports, grant requirements, policy and procedures, and process improvement ideas



  • Document/Contract Review and Feedback

  • Conflict Resolution Guidance and Feedback

  • How to / Process clarification and guidance

  • Management Support and Guidance

Desk and Stationery

Supplemental Operations Leadership Support Services

Treated as a contracted member of the staff, this service will have clear regular responsibilities to support operational activities on a day to day, weekly, or monthly basis.


In this role, consultant will attend staff meetings and develop organizational relationships as a paid staff member might.


Example responsibilities:

  • Monthly operational reporting and data presentation

  • Policy and Procedure development and implementation

  • Program management services

  • Strategic planning support and reporting

Organized Desk

Staff Development & Coaching Services

TCQ will provide training and mentorship for frontline staff and operations leaders. 


Activities will be in line with organizational priorities and mission related initiatives.  This service helps to elevate current staff and realize their full potential in their roles.

Example areas of focus:

  • Communication - up and down the chain of command, internally and externally

  • Effective leadership – planning work, setting department goals, delegation, and staff management

  • Conflict resolution – internally and externally

Stang-up Meeting

Conflict Resolution & Mediation Services

As an objective third party, TCQ will help navigate workplace conflicts to ensure equitable outcomes that focus on solving the root issues creating the dispute(s).


TCQ will guide the conversation, avoid escalation of delicate issues, and leave participants feeling heard and committed to the agreements reached.

Example areas of focus:


  • Employee : Employee conflicts

  • Supervisor : Employee conflicts

  • External Partners : Organization Leadership disagreements


Taura wants to hear from you!

Taura is here to help and can provide the best results after meeting. The Cohesive Quotient offers top-notch services and resources to best support your nonprofit.

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What Our Clients Say

Cindy Adams, Former CEO

Taura has been patient, supportive, and understanding of [different] points of view.  This has resulted in an increased level of trust and confidence...

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